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   Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and UV Units

Ionic to Molecular Separation & Concentration Equipment

Sanitary Concentration and Clarification Systems
Custom sized design food graded complete systems.
  • Semi to fully automated production and CIP cycles.
  • Production and system capabilities customized to product,
  • target concentration level or ratio, desired production rate.
  • Remote monitor and control secured multiuser capabilities.
  • Parameter logging and retrieving.
  • Database parameter storage and retrieving.

    Typical application: Juice clarification and concentration.

  • Telemetry and remote operated Nanofiltration unit
    Reverse Osmosis and/or Nanofiltration Equipment
    Overall description
    Application: - Fluid separation
    - Fluid concentration
    Process types: Single stage
    Multi stage
    Membrane type Engineering defined based on
    - Separation requirements
    - Process cost

    Ultra Violet Water Treatment
    Capacity Custom sized capacity
    Max. Op. Pressure 75 PSI
    Op. Temperature 95 ºF (35ºC)
    Power 3 phases 50/60 Hz
    Type of controls: - Automatic or manual
    - Remote control capability
        (modem, network, wireless)
    Adjustable capabilities: Automatic PID cycles to reach
    - desired production ratio
    - external variable input or process
    Ultra Violet Unit Picture

    General Purpose
    Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration units
  • Brackish water processing,
  • Process water recovery,
  • Extract concentration,
  • SAP concentration.
  • Nanofiltration 2400 gpm Unit picture
    Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Units
    Technical Specifications
    Model 1200 2400 4800
    Treatment Capacity 1200 gpd
    4.5 m3/d
    2400 gpd
    9.1 m3/d
    4800 gpd
    18.2 m3/d
    Process Reverse Osmosis / Nanofiltration
    Membranes 8"x40" 2 4 8
    Operating pressure 450 to 600 psi (typical)
    Water recovery 75% to 90% (1 pass)
    depends on application
    Concentration SAP 8 to 14% Brix (1 pass)
    Max. op. temp. 120ºF (48ºC)
    Voltage 240V 1 ph or 575V 3 ph
    Aprox. weight
    1000 lbs
    (408 kg.)
    1800 lbs
    (453 kg.)
    2800 lbs
    (816 kg.)
    Dimensions Vertical Layout: 28"x30"x74"
    Horizontal Layout: 48"x96"x74"
    Other possible features:
  • Smaller units and productions available upon request.
  • Simplified expandability and production design.
  • 4'x40" membrane units available upon requirement.
  • Optional alternative voltage and frequency available.
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic or Full-Automatic operation.

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