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   Water Production Systems

Potable Water Production
mobile-portable water production units
Water Purification Units
Nominal Capacity Custom sized. starting at 40 gpm.
Input Power 480V 3ph 60Hz
380V 3ph 50Hz
Power Generator
- Water filtration grade for specific purposes (see chart)
- Specific input/Output water temperatures ranges.
- Integrated Stainless Steel tanks.
- Optional 304/316/sanitary piping and components.
- Custom sized containers for transportation.
mobile container-water production

Ultra-pure water systems
Applications - Dialysis water
- Laboratory water production
- Electronic Industry
Integrated processes: - Microfiltration
- Reverse Osmosis
- Ultraviolet purification
- De-ionization.
Type of design Custom sized and designed to application and client requirements.
dialysis water production system
Other details
- Stainless Steel 304 /316 or sanitary piping and structure,
- Modular / Portable construction

- Custom automation,
- Telemetry,

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